Keeping Your Business Safe During Covid-19

More time spent at home and social distancing may mean you can wear pajamas during conference calls. But it doesn’t mean the security system you rely on to protect your business gets a break. A quality security and access system will have several features built-in to help you protect your business while you’re not there. Here are a few tips to consider.

Schedule Override
One convenient feature will let you program your business entrances to automatically unlock at 8 a.m. or whenever your business opens. Plus you can easily activate the schedule override feature to keep those doors from unlocking until you or another authorized employee presents their credential.

With schedule override, you can be certain, even during these uncertain times. And keep in mind, this is a handy feature during weather events when you can’t make it in.

Set users as “Inactive”
If any of your employees have been quarantined, for everyone’s protection, you may want to limit their access into your business. For furloughed and quarantined employees, don’t forget that you can use a virtual keypad to remotely change those employees’ profiles to Inactive during their temporary leave of absence. And when they return, all of their profile settings in user codes are saved.

Grant Door Access using Virtual Keypad
This handy feature is especially important in light of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation that you limit the number of customers to no more than 10 at any time. From behind your counter, you can Grant Door Access from your Virtual Keypad app to unlock the front door, allowing customers to enter, one at a time.

Video cameras
Cameras are a “no brainer” for keeping an eye on your business. When a potential intruder sees your cameras, they may have second thoughts and leave your premises. But not all surveillance systems are created equal. When you work with Integrated Security Specialists to choose your system, your cameras can be integrated with your security and access system. Whether you’re checking cameras, arming your system or granting access at your entrance, you have the convenience of one app to do all that and more!

In an alarm situation, you’ll receive a real-time alarm notification on your mobile devices. An alarm push notification app can be used to view a list of available live camera views. Immediately, you can either cancel or verify the alarm from the app screen based on what you’re seeing. Recorded clips from on-site cameras are available 10 minutes prior to the alarm. With a high-definition NVR integrated into your system, you also have around-the-clock recording.

You don’t have to have eyes on your business 24/7
You’re the best person to determine if an alarm is real or false. A virtual keypad app gives you the power to quickly confirm a valid reason to dispatch emergency responders or cancel false alarms, which can be costly. But if you’re unavailable for any reason, Video Verification for central stations allow trained operators to quickly work on your behalf and respond to the alarm. By checking your cameras, they can see what’s prompted the alarm to make informed decisions.

Keep yourself and your business safe
We’re living in unique times, when people under economic stress do bad things. But with the help of Integrated Security Specialists, you can stay safely at home while also protecting your business.

If you’d like to take a closer look at this and other features that can help you manage your business, please contact us at or (888) 228-0456.