What Does Lockdown Mean to You?

There are few scenarios more horrifying than having a gunman wandering the halls of your facility, randomly targeting innocent occupants. Clearly, the prevalence of these attacks demands the technology that can stop an intruder from moving at will throughout any facility. DMP’s Lockdown, combined with Integrated Security Specialists’ (ISSI) installation services is designed to do exactly that.

When Seconds Count, ISSI and DMP Give You the Technology and Service to Reduce the Risk
Time spent running around locking or unlocking doors to seal off a room, wing, or building can put people at risk. ISSI can work with you to determine the right system that can combine access control, burglary, and fire protection in one system. Consequently, you can simultaneously secure all access-controlled doors while keeping the system unarmed — no distracting sirens to add to the confusion and panic!

What if the intruder enters before being noticed? ISSI can provide system options to program any interior access-controlled door as “public,” so in a lockdown, these would also be secured. It’s added protection, and it’s easy panel programming.

DMP Lockdown is Designed for Real-Life Situations
With a facility full of people, it’s imperative to stop an intruder as quickly as possible. That’s why ISSI gives every staff member the ability to easily initiate DMP Lockdown. At the system’s keypad, for instance, there’s no arduous process or codes for authorized personnel to remember. And rather than restricting it only to the system’s keypad, ISSI makes it possible to also program panic zones to trigger a Lockdown from anywhere in the facility. That may be at the main entrance with a programmed panic button beneath the receptionist’s desk or a programmed pendant that security guards wear as a wristband or on a break-away lanyard — at the push of a button, they all would have the ability to initiate a Lockdown, limiting the intruder’s access throughout the facility and potentially saving lives.

ISSI also offers expert installation of the DMP Entré Access & Security Management Software which also includes the Lockdown feature. Add to that the Virtual Keypad™ app and browser, which give users the flexibility to remotely control public doors by simply selecting the Lockdown button in the Arming screen. With a single click, all door devices programmed as a public door and Z-Wave® locks will lock or unlock on the system.
While most of the Lockdown features are based on a reactive response, DMP XR panels also offer some proactive features, which is why ISSI highly recommends it. For example, the panel can provide an alert if it detects that a door has been propped open, creating an opportunity for unrestricted entry.

What These Options Mean to a Monitoring Center: Fast and Thorough Communication
For fast response, a system of this type can transmit all messages directly, not going through a third-party network operations center to get messages to the monitoring company. Plus, if there’s a Lockdown, messages also include the exact location of the panic zone that initiated it — if it was at a person’s desk, that person’s name is included. When every second counts, this gives first responders the details they need — upon arriving at the scene, they’ll know exactly where to go and who to talk with first.

If You’re Inside, What Does Advanced Lockdown Mean for You?
As the monitoring center is notified of the Lockdown details, so too are the facility’s Virtual Keypad users — with Push Notifications turned on, they’ll get real-time details to know how to stay out of harm’s way. Knowing where in the building the Lockdown was triggered or who triggered it, administrative personnel and security staff also have the information they need to best help first responders.

During a facility Lockdown, all public doors are secured, even from occupants who typically have access. How then, can first responders get in? Even during a Lockdown, a facility’s administrative personnel and other appointed staff members can override locked doors to allow first responders in — after access is granted, doors automatically relock. This can easily be set up in an individual’s profile in Virtual Keypad.

When seconds count, DMP’s Lockdown will help save lives. ISSI can install it to a current or new intrusion system at a relatively low cost, and because the features are already resident in the XR Series panels, incorporating lockdown capability may only require some additional programming that’s easy to configure. Whether you’re a monitoring company, a first responder, or an occupant inside, ISSI and DMP give you the tools you need to keep your building and occupants safe.

If you’d like to take a closer look at this technology or discuss other challenges that need an advanced fit to help you manage your business or home security system, please contact us at sales@gotoissi.com or (888) 228-0456.