When You Can’t Keep Watch, We Can!

It’s no surprise why you love having cameras as part of your security system — even when you’re not there, you can see what’s happening.

If there’s an alarm, that means you’re able to quickly verify the alarm in your app or mobile device.

But what if you’re unavailable to view that alarm? Integrated Security Services offer professional Video Verification services, allowing operators to work on your behalf. Upon receiving an alarm, operators can view your cameras’ recorded clips and live views right away — they’re allowed access to your cameras for a limited time before and after an alarm. Based on what monitoring center dispatchers see, we can determine whether the trigger is a false alarm or worthy of dispatch by first responders.

As a result, verified alarms mean faster response; in fact, priority response is given to alarms that are verified by video. We also can aid in preventing you from being assessed fines for false alarms.

To learn more, please contact us at sales@gotoissi.com or (888) 228-0456.