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What Does Lockdown Mean to You?

There are few scenarios more horrifying than having a gunman wandering the halls of your facility, randomly targeting innocent occupants. Clearly, the prevalence of these attacks demands the technology that can stop an intruder from moving at will throughout any facility. DMP’s Lockdown, combined with Integrated Security Specialists’ (ISSI) installation services is designed to do exactly that. When Seconds Count, …
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Entry Check-In Protection: Advanced Security for Homeowners and Small Businesses

For financial institutions, retail jewelers, and other high-end businesses, the highest security technology is an absolute necessity. For over 30 years, Integrated Security Specialists have worked with monitoring centers to deliver that. We know, for instance, that communications between customers’ panels and their monitoring centers must be reliable and constant — and network Supervision Check-In messages guarantee that. Today, we’re …
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