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We have relied on George Laegeler for fast, quality security support for nearly 20 years.

– Trinity United Church of Christ, Deerfield, IL

We had such a positive experience with ISSI’s security systems at my place of business that I also hired them to do our home security system. We have deep trust in George’s knowledge and integrity.

– Insurance Agent, South Barrington, IL

As one of the few certified master locksmiths in the Northern Chicago suburbs, we have counted on George Laegeler’s skills for over 20 years.

– Police Department, Deerfield, IL

Our very high end retail clients have extremely strict standards for security service. We know we can count on ISSI to get it right on the first try.

– Security Consultant

At first I thought I needed alarms on my second floor windows, but ISSI showed me how I could achieve results without that additional expense. I was pleased that ISSI stayed focused on finding me the best possible residential security system for my needs, rather than making the largest possible sale.

– Resident, Wilmet, IL

George Laegeler at ISSI has provided wonderful security systems on our homes for many years. We hired him 20 years ago to put a security system in our home and five years ago when we built our dream home, we knew just who to call for our burglar and fire system needs.

– Resident, Maple Park, IL

I was repeatedly a victim of petty vandalism while spending time overseas. The system installed by ISSI used video surveillance and CCTV cameras to make sure this problem could be solved in my absence.

– Resident, Lake Geneva, WI

We were having burglary-related losses until George Laegeler installed quality alarms on all 40 of our maintenance and commercial buildings and trailers. The system works perfectly and we have not had any thefts in the last year. This has had a significant impact on our bottom line.

– Nursery, Libertyville IL

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